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STC is a Christian Institution, teaching practical religious knowledge, with guidance concerning how to use the experience while we live here on earth. Students must fulfill all the requirements for the degree of choice in order to earn certification.

There are several programs here at STC for the one who has been called into ministry and is pursuing a course in learning about the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people consider Him as just another prophet and a good man. We believe He is God's Son and the Great Redeemer. 

STC aims to help every student earn a solid Christian education, whether this is for ministry or just to know more about the Word of God. We have programs in Christian Counselling, Conflict Management, and Theology at levels beginning from certificate  to doctorate.

There are also non-degree programs for those persons who are seeking self-improvement, or just want to know more about a particular topic of interest from our Life Coaching Programs.

All programs are specifically selected and designed for those persons who desire to develop knowledge of the Word, and to learn skills for better interpersonal relationships and deal with problems with a study of Conflict Management course.

Some programs are arranged  whereby participants do not have to spend long time reading or attending sessions.

The main focus at STC is helping students become successful and strong in their walk with the Lord, and to be effective individuals as we await His return.

Christian Counselling

Pastoral Ministry

Christianity & Psychological Perspectives

Theological Studies

Biblical Conflict Management

Christian Leadership

Our Mission


STC is an online self-paced Christian College registered in the State of Georgia,  where we received Religious Exemption from the Nonpublic Post-secondary Education Commission.

Our mission is unlike your usual institutions because our aim is to reach the world with the Word  as it was delivered through the Gospel of Jesus Christ  to His disciples who have left the message for us to continue.

We aim to enable the students to become familiar with the Scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments so that they can respond to II Timothy 2:15 when confronted by apostates.

STC is Bible-based and seeks the Holy Ghost empowerment in restoring the principles of the Christian doctrine in this 21st Century new Church age.

We want to help  those who are called into ministry receive the Word as it was intended for believers. This is a college for ministers who have been called to preach and teach the Gospel, and those who need to excel in biblical knowledge.

The programs are specially designed for people who have a zeal for ministry, and who have been called to work for the Lord. It is our desire and aim to help the student achieve his or her goal and to aspire to great things in the Kingdom of God. It is our hope that you have been called into ministry by God and your response in enrolling at STC is to fulfill His purpose.

Graduation Ceremony

It is a great feeling when you know that you are successful after your hard word!

Celebrate and be happy!


STC has a wide array of programs comprising of certificates and degrees in a variety of subjects. We are  concerned about those persons who are called into ministry and who are serious about developing intimacy with the Lord, and wish to extend their knowledge of the Word,  Each student must produce evidence that he or she is interested in ministry and wants to move forward by attending STC. The reason is that our main purpose is to build the Kingdom of God by reaching the world for Christ.

Consequently, all the courses at STC  are particularly available to those who are interested in sharpening their knowledge of the Word through practical Christian teachings. 

Students are responsible for purchasing required study texts and materials where indicated. Every aspiration in life requires some effort from the person who is working towards a goal. That may require time, finance, materials and tools.

It is our hope that you have been called into ministry by God and your response in enrolling at STC is to fulfill His purpose.

Please take some time to review the course information presented before you, and prayerfully make your selection with the leading of the Holy Spirit.  If you need further assistance, please call us at 678 964-4096 [Text, Voice] 

770 347-8320 leave a brief message, telephone number and the best time to reach you. You may also email us.

Degree Programs

Bachelor degree programs are generally 30 credit hours for completion of the course. However, there may be courses which may require less or more for completion.

Masters degree completion programs vary according to the nature of the study and the depth of requirement for each student.

Doctoral degrees normally require more intense study, therefore students must prepare to give the amount of time required for any particular area or level of study; regardless of the level being sought.

Presently, we offer five degree programs, but we do have the curriculum for other programs which were previously offered.

Students are allowed to transfer credits from other institutions which will go toward the requirement for a particular program where relevant.

Non-Degree Programs

These programs are specifically selected and designed for those persons who desire to develop skills for better communication and interpersonal relationships. The programs are arranged in a “nut-shell” whereby participants do not have to spend more than a half a day in sessions.

There is no excessive reading for preparation.

The aim is to help participants develop acute awareness of themselves, and understand the effect of their behaviour on their environment.

Life Coaching Program Certificates

These are short programs are for self-improvement to build confidence and to help in daily interactions with others. They are specifically arranged for the busy person who do not wish to take long courses. They are usually 2-3 hour sessions. Each person receives a certificate a the end of the program.

Each program may only require short reading scripts depending on the nature and duration. Reading material is provided and each individual must actively participate in the program.

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