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Online Life Coach Programs

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These Online Courses here at STC have been selectively developed to meet our high standards of delivery, so that participants will display their earned Life Coach Certificate from Shekinah Theological College with confidence.

The courses can be done singly for personal improvement, or as a complete package depending on your needs. Either way, at the end of the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Each program provides participants with learning to help them move to the next level in life and to improve on interpersonal skills, lift low self-esteem, and learning how to apply the written Word into practical methods to benefit  for personal growth and success.

Programs can be done singly [$150]; or packages of 4 [$500], which gives a wider  scope of knowledge to the participant, depending on the need.

Duration for programs: each program consists of 3 two-hour meetings. Program topics and offerings are subject to change depending on needs.

Programs include

  1. Interpersonal Relationship Coaching

  2. Anger Management Coaching

  3. Critical Thinking Coaching

  4. Career Coaching

  5. Managing Stress Coaching

  6. Forgiveness Coaching

  7.  Life Enrichment [Going to the next Level]

  8. The Spirit of Unforgiveness Coaching

  9. Managing Conflict Coaching

  10. Project Management

Certified Whole  life Coaching

  1. Spirit – understanding your relationship with God and others

  2. Soul – taking care of your soul which one of the most important aspects of your life and well-being; controlling emotions and thoughts

  3. Body – taking care of your body which is the most important and costly property you possess, and which is often abused: eating, watching your weight, exercising

This particular program certificate is based on I Thessalonians 5:23 where it speaks of the whole person. It is a very important learning for everyone who wants to excel in taking care of the self, and in improving interpersonal relationships that will enhance well-being and build confidence. There are three 2-hour courses, with a final one-hour program at the end. Duration 7 hours; cost $200 which includes reading material. We keep our classes small for effective interaction of participants.

Other Certificate Programs

  1. Leadership

  2. Conflict Management

  3. Introduction to Christian Counselling

  4. Ordination and Licensing

Classes Begin Monday August 3, 2020

To apply complete the  Registration Form below.

Payment information will be sent after registration

For more information dial 678 964-4096 [text, voice];  770 347-8320

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Make every day an opportunity for

learning something new!

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You are invited to join our Prayer line on Saturdays at 9:00 am EDT and Bible Study every Wednesday at 10:30 am & 7:00 pm for Prayer. For more information,  Email Us   or call and leave a message at 678 964 4096 [Text, Voice]


Shekinah Theological College [STC] is registered in the State of Georgia, USA. We received Religious Exemption from the Non-public Post-Secondary Education Commission. STC is A Program of Faith Restoration Ministries International

Statement of Faith — Accreditation

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Shekinah Theological College [STC] is registered in the State of Georgia, USA and we received Religious Exemption from the Nonpublic Post-Secondary Education Commission.

STC is A Program of

Faith Restoration Ministries International

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