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November 2, 2018

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On Wednesday July 25, 2018, we begin a brand new series pertaining to parents and their relationship to their children.
Parents tend to forget that children are only for a season, which passes very quickly from one stage to the next. By the time they are in training pants, it is time for kindergarten, next to school, high school, and college.
Whatever takes place in that child's life during those sensitive and fleeting years, may remain with the child and brought into adulthood. Any unresolved negative emotional circumstances which take place during those years maybe taken into adulthood.
This program is to provoke and motivate those parents who take their children for granted; not acknowledging that they have feelings.
Children need love, tenderness, thoughtfulness, and compassion among many other things. When any of these are missing the child may suffer an emotional hurt which can be destructive to him or her during the adult years. As a counsellor for many years, I have seen this happen to so many adults.
Invite someone to listen in with you or you may download the program after the broadcast. If you need counselling trying to overcome your past, why not call the Counselling Office to obtain the help which you need. God still answers prayer. There is always hope for the one who seeks it.
the seminars are based on the text, "Impact of Parental Emotional Abuse on Adulthood." This book is available for purchase at Createspace.com & Amazon.com  -  Why not obtain your copy today to make you a better parent.
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