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Introduction to Christian Counselling
You may wonder why Christian counselling.  While secular psychologists may research  the problems facing mankind, they do not possess the spiritual element which is necessary for dealing with those often complex situations. For this and other reasons, the Christian counsellor is needed especially in the church community. This program is opened to all ministers since at some point in their administration, they will face people with emotional and other disorders.
This certificate program is only an introduction to Christian counselling which gives the layman a perspective of what is required and how he or she would deal with some situations.
The program last four weeks and all materials will provided for the student.
Each student must complete the entire program before receiving. Counsellors may use this program to refresh their knowledge and add to their learning. 
Certificate in Conflict Resolution
The ability to resolve a dispute without causing further hurt is one of the most enviable human abilities. Yet, not many people are able to do this without creating some form distress on others.
This program has four units and the duration is four weeks. Students must complete all the requirements before certificates will be granted. All materials will be provided and students must attend all sessions in order to receive a certificate in this program. Click for Information and  Registration   
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Certificate in Christian Leadership
The course begins Monday April 2, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - Online
The word teaches us "Let all things be done decently and in order" [I Corinthians 14:40].  God expects us to carry out His work efficiently. Certificate in Christian Leadership is essential for everyone who has been called into an office in the ministry: pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Leaders,
Duration - four weeks. You must Register. For more information:  Email  or dial 770 347 8320 - You must leave a brief message and number when you can be reached.
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